17 Apr 2024


New Exchange Partnership with EUI

The European University Institute (EUI), based in Florence, Italy, has been a centre of academic excellence in social sciences and humanities since its foundation in 1972 by the six original members of the European Communities. It functions as a trans-European hub, fostering intellectual discourse, interdisciplinary research, and the cultivation of high-level contributors to both academia and policymaking.

We are therefore pleased to announce that Max Planck Law and EUI have agreed a five-year partnership aimed at promoting an academic exchange programme. Under the new programme, up to two PhD students, postdocs, or academic staff members from the EUI and an equal number from the Institutes within the Max Planck Law network will have the opportunity to spend up to four months at the host institution.

Moreover, the agreement allows for collaborations such as joint workshops, conferences, and research projects. Both institutions will encourage the exchange of publications, scientific and teaching material, scientific journals, as well as documentation on joint research.

This exchange program is a valuable extension to Max Planck Law’s existing collaborations with universities in Cambridge, Singapore, and Melbourne. For further details and the latest calls for applications, please visit the EUI Exchange webpage.

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