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About Max Planck Law

Max Planck Law comprises ten Institutes engaged in advanced legal research. The first of these was established in Berlin in 1924. Today, we cover a broad range of legal studies, from the anthropology of law to tax law, in nine different locations across Germany and Luxembourg.

As part of the Max Planck Society, we are committed to its mission of pushing the frontiers of knowledge by way of fundamental, or ‘basic’, research. Our approach is intra- and interdisciplinary, and we have a strong focus on comparative and transnational research questions.

Together, we operate the world’s largest programme for doctoral studies and postdoctoral training in law. We offer excellent conditions and generously funded positions for early career researchers. Additionally, hundreds of academic visitors from all over the world join us in any given year.

SSRN Partnertship


A new institutional presence at the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) database provides a prominent and productive new global platform for Max Planck Law research.

Amongst the top 500 International Law Schools:

MP LAW ranks #1 for papers uploaded

MP LAW ranks #1 for number of authors

MP LAW ranks #3 for papers dowloaded

An important aim of Max Planck Law is to foster cooperation and collaboration between our researchers, thereby promoting inter-  and intra-disciplinary synergies between the ten law-related Max Planck Institutes.

We do this by, amongst other things,  providing support for a number of grassroots Initiatives (eg Race and Social Justice, Max Planck Law | Tech | Society, and the Minerva Law Network), to enable researchers from our ten specialized law Institutes to work together,  exchange ideas, hold conferences, invite speakers, produce research outputs,  etc.

We also foster collaborative relations with partners from around the world, including University of Cambridge, University of Melbourne, and University of Toronto.


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