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Past activities can be viewed on our curriculum archive page.

8 April 2022

Prof. Burkhard Hess

Strategic Litigation — A New Phenomenon in Civil Litigation?

We will explore whether and to what extent strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP) changes civil litigation in general.

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Prof. Ralf Poscher

Democracy and Counter-Extremism

A two-day course examines growing concerns regarding counter-extremism and democratic rule.

18–20 May 2022

Prof. Foblets and Department “Law & Anthropology” researchers

Law and Anthropology: Rethinking Normativities, Legal Dynamics, Approaches and Practices

Concepts, Methods and Concrete Illustrations in Law and Anthropology as well as Law and Anthropology  in Practice 

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8–10 June 2022

Prof. Anne Peters
Prof. Karen Knop
Prof. Ralf Michaels

Populism and the New Foreign Relations Law: Between Public International Law, ‘External Public Law,’ and Conflict of Laws.

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10 June 2022

Dr Timothy Barnum
Shaina Herman 
Dr Jessica Deitzer

Deterrence, Crime, and the Criminal Justice System: Myths and Realities

This course will trace 1) the development and history of deterrence theory and its extensions, 2) empirical support for the theory, and 3) policies motivated by deterrence theory, including evidence on the efficacy of these policies. 

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1–2 September 2022

Prof. Antoine Vauchez
Prof. Armin von Bogdandy
Prof. Stefan Vogenauer

The Intellectual and Institutional Worlds of Independence in Contemporary Democracies. A Comparative and Historical Inquiry into Courts, Central Banks, Regulators

Can we compare theories of independence across policy fields (finance, rule of law, regulation, etc.) and institutions (courts, central banks, etc.)? Are there forms of interdependence between the independent institutions?

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Prof. Reinhard Zimmermann

Understanding the Law in a Historical and Comparative Perspective – As Exemplified by the Law of Succession