Academic Opportunities

Apply to do a PhD or Postdoc

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Academic Opportunities

We welcome applications from the brightest minds to undertake PhD and postdoc research. Early career researchers benefit from close supervision and mentoring by world leaders in their respective fields. Our Institutes offer unrivalled conditions, including access to rare specialist libraries and databases; excellent work spaces; and administrative, academic, and pastoral support. Importantly, researchers receive generous funding contracts for the entire duration of their research. The working language is English, and knowledge of German is not an essential requirement for application.

Additionally, there are many opportunities for our researchers to participate in conferences, seminars, and workshops as well as to instigate projects and initiatives with researchers from other Institutes within the Max Planck Law network.

For those wishing to use our research facilities without pursuing a PhD or postdoc, we also offer opportunities for short-term research stays.

The Max Planck Society is committed to promoting diversity in the workplace and encourages applications from individuals identifying as belonging to underrepresented groups in terms of, for example, gender, disability, age, religion, internationality and ethnicity, sexual orientation and identity, social background and education.

Access to rare specialist libraries

Dedicated work spaces

Administrative, academic & pastoral support

Participate in conferences, seminars & workshops

Instigate projects and initiatives across the Max Planck Law network

Generous funding contracts

Apply to do a Phd or Postdoc

Take a look at the current vacancies for researchers below. A vacancy shows an Institute’s specific requirement, often for a specific project, to be applied for by a specific deadline.

Alternatively make a general application at any time in any area that interests you. Simply select the subject area that interests you below and click through to the relevant Institute. There you can find out more about the Institute and methods for application.