Valérie Rosoux is currently Director of research of the National Fund for Scientific Research (Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique – FNRS) in Belgium and Professor in the School of Political and Social Sciences, University of Louvain. She is qualified in three disciplines (philosophy, political science and law), speaks three languages fluently (French, English and Dutch), has been honoured with multiple research stays abroad (UK, Canada, France, US, South Africa), is actively involved in many scientific networks (journals, research agencies, professional associations) and is an experienced supervisor of doctoral theses. To borrow the words of William Zartman, the Jacob Blaustein Distinguished Professor at The Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Rosoux is ‘the ultimate authority in Europe on reconciliation’, a field of research she was instrumental in developing and to which she has contributed immensely, first with the publication of her doctoral thesis, and since then with many groundbreaking publications and presentations.