26 Mar 2024


Lawcast #12: Nina Cozzi

In epsisode #12 of the Max Planck Lawcast, published 20 March 2024 and entitled ‘Equal Pay in the 1948 Italian Constitution: A Pioneering Role in Europe?’, Nina Cozzi discusses the significant transformation Italy underwent post-World War II, specifically focusing on the critical role women played during this period. Her insights delve into the aftermath of Italy’s liberation from the Nazi-Fascist regime, highlighting the pivotal 1946 referendum which led to the establishment of a republic and set the stage for drafting Italy’s constitution. Cozzi’s research particularly focuses on how women’s work changed as a result of the two world wars and how women’s access to what had previously been considered ‘male jobs’ provided the impetus for more frequent and vocal demands for equal pay.

summary on SSRN

After the liberation of Italian territory from the Nazi-Fascist regime, Italians were faced with an important choice: to decide what form of state the country should take. On 2 June 1946, Italians went to the polls and the republican form won with 54.27% of the vote. This referendum not only determined the new form of state, but also the election of a so-called Constituent Assembly (Assemblea Costituente), which would have, among other duties, the task of drafting and approving the text of a constitution for the country. Women played a central role in this process. … (Read more on SSRN: http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.4775208)

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