23 Apr 2024


Instagram Relaunch

Max Planck Law has always maintained a very active presence on and LinkedIn, but has only posted intermittently on Instagram. Despite that, our Instagram account still amassed around 1,400 followers. This was a clear indication that we needed to do more, both for those followers we already had and the many others we could potentially attract. We are therefore pleased to announce the strategic relaunch of our Instagram profile.

With the able assistance of Marah Mauermann, who was taken on especially to help with the relaunch, we will post a mix of appealing content to showcase what Max Planck law is about, from the many activities that take place (workshops, presentations, conferences, courses, open days, exchanges, etc) to portraits of the researchers and Institutes that make up the network.

We hope to connect with a wider audience who might be interested in Max Planck Law and the activities of our over 400 researchers. Who knows, one day some may even be inspired to apply for a research position themselves. If you are on Instagram, why not join us there?

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