European Law Group

European Law Group

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An Initiative is a format that enable researchers across the Max Planck Law network to collaborate in an area of mutual interest.

The European Law Group brings together scholars (Postdocs and PhDs) of European Law for exchanges, research projects, conferences, and other events. It will focus not merely on European Union law but will take into account also other orders that function in the European legal sphere—especially the European Convention of Human Rights or the European Free Trade Association.

The European Law Group envisages two main types of events (others may follow):

1) An annual conference for young European researchers hosted by Max Planck Institutes or affiliated universities. The conference shall bring together young scholars, creating a forum for ‘new voices’ in European legal research. Young researchers will be able to present their work and enter into exchanges with peers.

2) A monthly online meeting for group members to present their work and exchange ideas.


Methodological Pluralism in European Law – First Max Planck Law Conference for Young European Scholars

14–15 July 2022

The Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for Procedural Law in cooperation with the Arbeitskreis Europäische Integration e.V. will host the first Max Planck Law Conference for Young European Scholars on ‘Methodological Pluralism in European Law’. The conference wants to bring together young scholars and create a forum for ‘new voices’ of European legal research. It attempts to delve more deeply into the question of methodologies of contemporary European law research and map the multiplicity of approaches that are applied (or possibly may be applied) in this domain. A special focus will lie on current crises and challenges of European law methodology.

The conference is organized by the Max Planck European Law Group, a newly established cooperation between (Senior) Research Fellows of different Legal Max Planck Institutes working on European Law.

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