Transnational Junior Faculty Forum

Legal Concepts in Transition


Legal concepts are in a process of profound change. Concepts such as fundamental rights, rule of law, property, contract, family, or citizenship are being challenged by transnationalization, the rise of AI, so-called democratic backsliding and identity politics, or climate change.

For its Inaugural Transnational Junior Faculty Forum, the German Law Journal in association with Max Planck Law invites abstracts (500 words) from PhD and early career scholars investigating legal concepts in transition, their limits, and the conditions for their change. We welcome contributions from all fields of law and with a variety of approaches, especially with perspectives from critical theories, including Feminism, Postcolonialism, Critical Race Theory, Marxism, Critical Legal Studies, etc. Equally, we welcome research that works with methods from other disciplines.

Other details:

  • No registration fee
  • Limited funding for participants not based in Europe
  • Invitation to participate at the GLJ 25th anniversary celebration in Berlin on 20 September 2024


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