Reflections on a Career in International Criminal Law: Intersectionality and Representation

International criminal justice lawyer Angela Mudukuti takes us through her journey in international criminal law (ICL), reflecting on the importance of gender balance, intersectionality, and representation in all forms to enhance ICL and ensure it serves survivors and victims of egregious crimes.

Angela Mudukuti is the Legal Advocacy Director at the Clooney Foundation for Justice’s Waging Justice for Women initiative. She is a Zimbabwean human rights lawyer, specialized in international criminal law. Angela has worked for a number of organizations including the International Criminal Court, Open Society Foundations, Human Rights Watch, Wayamo Foundation, the Southern Africa Litigation Centre and the International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights. With a gender lens, she has focused on strategic litigation, advocacy, and capacity building. Her work experience includes training prosecutors and investigators to enhance domestic capacity to tackle international crimes; working on universal jurisdiction and precedent-setting cases before South African courts, including seeking the arrest of the former president of Sudan during his visit to South Africa. She has written and published on international criminal law issues in books, journals, and newspapers and has been featured in the media, including the Financial Times and Al Jazeera. She sits on several editorial committees, including the Oxford Journal for International Criminal Justice and Opinio Juris.

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