Approaches to Legal Research 2024

All researchers, in particular new PhD students, are cordially invited to join us at the first Approaches to Legal Research event at Harnack-Haus in Berlin from 14.00 on Wednesday 22 May 2024 to 17.30 on 23 May 2024. Approaches to Legal Research aims to make researchers aware of potentially useful approaches they might not otherwise have engaged with.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage with topics including comparative perspectives, the uses of legal history, anthropological and sociological approaches, the economic analysis of law, quantitative approaches to legal research, and critical perspectives. Presenters Dr Matilde Cazzola , Prof. Andreas Engert (HU Berlin), Dr Annette Mehlhorn and Pierre Druart , Dr Johannes Rottmann , Prof. Stefan Vogenauer and Dr Valerij Zisman will present their take on topics including historical perspectives, empirical legal research, economic approaches, anthropological perspectives, comparative legal research and critical perspectives.

The event will also feature an after-dinner roundtable discussion on the challenges and rewards of interdisciplinarity in legal research.

The teaching sessions will be pitched at a level appropriate to new researchers. They will be interactive and fairly informal, focused on discussion rather than lecturing and drawing on the presenters’ and participants’ research experience. Alongside broadening your horizon as a researcher, you will be able to connect with peers from other Institutes in the Max Planck Law network and learn about their work.

Participants’ travel and accommodation will be reimbursed from the Max Planck Law budget.


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Approaches to Legal Research 2024

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