Karen Knop is recognized as one of the leading scholars in public international law worldwide. Her work spans private as well as public international law.  Known particularly for its concern with challenges of gender and cultural differences for core concepts in both fields, it is always interdisciplinary and theoretically informed. She recently gave lectures at the Hague Academy of International Law on the topic of Foreign Relations and International Law, and the topic of her invited Foreword for the European Journal of International Law in 2023 will be populism, empire and the rise of foreign relations law. At the same time, she has long taught and researched private international law, leading to an edited issue and several articles and book chapters. Her current focus on foreign relations law brings together both those fields. Knop has co-authored several articles with Prof. Ralf Michaels and Prof. Annelise Riles, a collaboration that has also led to a well-received journal issue on Transdisciplinary Conflict of Laws. With Prof. Anne Peters, she has collaborated in the context of contributions to edited volumes and when she was chair of the editorial committee of the American Journal of International Law Unbound.