29 Sep 2020


Max Planck Law in Student Guide for Law Students

For the 2020/2021 ‘Beck’scher Studienführer Jura‘, a widely-circulated student guide for German law students, Max Planck Law are pleased to contribute two articles.

The first is by Professor Stefan Vogenauer (Max Planck Law Chair) in which he seeks to inform readers of the many benefits of undertaking doctoral research at the Institutes of the Max Planck Law network.

He focuses on our mission of ‘basic’ or foundational research in law and reminds readers of the importance of interdisciplinarity and the consideration of law in its social, economic, historical, comparative, and other contexts.

This moves far beyond the legal dogmatic work that many law students are used to. Rather than accepting the law as it is, such research lends itself to asking how the law can or should be otherwise.

Vogenauer also notes the excellent working conditions. Just two of the highlights he mentions: the fact that we have the best specialist research libraries in Europe and that we offer full financial support to our researchers.

In the second article, Dr Gilbert Leung (Max Planck Law’s Online Editor) briefly discusses new trajectories in legal writing and publishing. Researchers are to an unprecedented degree able to promote themselves and to make public interventions online.

Academic legal blogging is one avenue that has become established. But other avenues, particularly in the online audio and video world, are still developing.

Not only does Max Planck Law aim at being at the forefront of modern forms of academic communication, we are working actively to develop new forms.

You can read the articles online here: ‘Beck’scher Studienführer Jura‘ pp. 34–37.

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