17 Jun 2024


Max Planck Law Exchange: The View of a Melbourne Scholar

The exchange programme between the University of Melbourne Law School and Max Planck Law links two of the world’s most dynamic and respected legal research institutions. As part of this programme, Sek Lun Cheong, a PhD Candidate at Melbourne Law School, recently completed a two-month stay (6 September–6 November 2023) at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law .

During his time there, Sek Lun focused on a segment of his PhD thesis that explores investor due diligence in international investment law. The alignment of his research with the ongoing human rights due diligence project of the MAGGI Research Group at MPI-Heidelberg was particularly beneficial. He notes that ‘the research tradition of the Institute resonated with my research project, which is doctrinal in nature and focuses on developments in the European region’.

His experience was further enriched by the collaborative and intellectually stimulating environment at the Institute. Engaging with senior research fellows and visiting scholars as well as the opportunity to formally present his work provided him with valuable feedback, which ‘helped clarify my research project and encouraged me to think more broadly about its potential interactions with related areas in international law’.

Sek Lun also highlighted the cultural and professional benefits of the exchange programme. He recommends that ‘prospective participants immerse themselves in the Institute’s scholarly environment and take advantage of the excellent resources available.’ He adds, ‘exploring the beautiful city of Heidelberg was one of the highlights of my stay.’

Reflecting on the impact of the exchange, he remarked that the experience has solidified his interest in European developments in international economic law and has broadened his scholarly perspectives. He also noted that his expanded academic and professional networks present exciting possibilities for future collaborations.

You can read about similar positive experiences from Irene Carlet , who spent a semester at Melbourne Law school in exchange. The overall programme clearly provides valuable opportunities for participants, offering them a unique platform to advance their research and engage with a diverse academic community.

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