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The aim of the Max Planck Law Forum Latin America is to communicate across Latin America the work and activities of Max Planck Law as well as the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (Cologne). One of the main objectives of Max Planck Law is to connect with young researchers at doctoral and postdoctoral level, as well as legal researchers more generally. To this end, the forum will disseminate the various activities of Max Planck Law pertaining to Latin American law and society, such as workshops, seminars, symposia, research results, new international publications, etc. The forum will also promote diverse mechanisms of selection, exchange, and training for researchers, through scholarship programmes, summer schools, seminars, tandem groups, and other activities that enable the direct exchange of knowledge between researchers and Max Planck Law. Excellence is thereby guaranteed in selecting and connecting with Latin American scholars. In addition, the forum will stimulate growth in the legal and social sciences across both spaces through the cross-fertilization of perspectives, themes, and ways of meeting the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Due to COVID-19,  the inaugural conference originally scheduled to take place in Bogotá and Buenos Aires in March/April 2020 has been postponed until further notice.


Agustín Casagrande
Liaison Officer


Latin American Lawfare

26 April 2021

Join the Max Planck Law network on 26 April 2021 at 19.00 CET for an online discussion of the new book “Bienvenidos al Lawfare” from Zaffaroni, Caamaño, and Vegh Weis.  The event is part of a series meant to bring together the researchers in the MPL network whose background or scholarly interests are connected with Latin America.  This community of researchers in the MPL network will benefit from these contacts and exchanges and it will be a valuable, dynamic resource as the Directors make plans to launch the Max Planck Law — Forum Latin America in the coming year.  This book discussion will take place in Spanish / La discusión de este libro se llevará a cabo en español.

Description from the book’s back cover:

The abuse of criminal law is expanding in Latin America: more and more political leaders of the popular field end up imprisoned or persecuted. Lawfare or judicial warfare occupies a central place in electoral campaigns and in the news; by now, even grandma can draw by heart the door of Comodoro Py!

However, the media only transmit snippets of information about this legal-political phenomenon. Its content, meaning and scope remain hidden. The result is that the different uses -and abuses- of criminal law end up being incomprehensible to the general public… and even to lawyers or law students.

This book seeks to shed light on these shadows. In an accessible style, which even allows itself to play with a thorny subject, it deconstructs the judicial language and the main problems of the phenomenon of judicial warfare in relation to the theory of crime, criminal procedural law and criminology. Raúl Zaffaroni, former Supreme Court judge, Cristina Caamaño, former prosecutor in charge of the Federal Intelligence Agency, and Valeria Vegh Weis, specialist in criminology, explain step by step the deep mechanisms of lawfare, identify its traps and nooks and crannies and illuminate the way in which it ends up demolishing the law to put it at the service of neoliberalism.