Max Planck Law Annual Conference

Update 15.10.2020.

This year’s annual conference will take place between 27–28 October 2020. Due to the worsening COVID-19 situation, the event will now be online only.

On Tuesday afternoon (27 October) we will have several sessions during which we will reintroduce the Max Planck Law project.  We will describe a number of our ongoing or newly-launched activities.  And we will hear from a number of researchers who are engaging the Network and enriching their scholarship with proposed Max Planck Law Projects and Max Planck Law Initiatives.  These are “grassroots” activities, conceived and convened by members of the Max Planck Law Network – that is by you – involving:

discrete, outcome specific collaboration with colleagues at other MPL Institutes (Projects)
long-running groups of colleagues from different MPL Institutes convened around shared research interests, regional or methodological commonalities, or mutual professional development goals (Initiatives)

We will learn about a handful of proposed Max PLanck Law Projects and Max Planck Law Initiatives in presentations at the meeting.  But we want to use this opportunity to encourage others to dream of possible inter-institutional collaborations and communities.  We encourage you to visit the Engaging the Network page at the Max Planck Law website to learn more about these opportunities and, if you’re inspired, to register your ideas with us via the simple online form.  We’ll use the information you provide to get in touch with you and start the process of coordinating your proposed node in the Max Planck Law Network.  We hope to select one or two additional Max Planck Law Project or Max PLanck law Initiative proposals for presentation at the Annual Conference from among those we receive.

On Wednesday morning (28 October) we have planned a series of substantive scholarly events that showcase and celebrate some of the remarkable research being done and the superb scholars working in the Max Planck Law Network.  Aware of the political pressure facing rights claims, and the theoretical challenges posed by rights actualization and implementation, we are convening this part of the programme around the topic:  “Rights Inflation or Rights Realization?”  The day’s conversation will be anchored by a Keynote Lecture from Professor Anne Peters entitled “Global Rights. Animal Rights.”  We also have organized a panel of Max Planck Law Senior Researchers whose work engages with or problematizes the day’s topic.  Finally, we will host a Directors Roundtable for an informal and lively conversation on the topic, featuring Professor Marie-Claire Foblets, Professor Ralf Poscher, Professor Hélène Ruiz Fabri, and Professor Wolfgang Schön.

An updated programme (v4) can be viewed and downloaded below. 

Attendance at the Tuesday meeting is limited to those within the Max Planck Law network and a Zoom access link will have been sent internally via email.

Click here to attend the wednesday webinar via Zoom. All are welcome, from both inside and beyond the Max Planck Law network.


Download PDF of Updated Programme (v4)

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27 - 28 Oct


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