Annual Conference

Max Planck Law Annual Conference 2021

What is the future of law?  The 2021 Max Planck Law Annual Conference will consider that challenging question in response to a number of developments and pressures.  It is, after all, a period of dramatic geopolitical realignment that will expose assumptions about and offer new perspectives on the values, structures, and epistemologies that inform our concept of ‘law’.  It also is a period of unrelenting technological development and innovation.  That is a force that will create new problems for law to resolve while providing law with new tools to perform its age-old function.  Few networks are so well-positioned to take up this challenge.  The Max Planck Law Institutes are conducting foundational research in nearly every conceivable legal sub-discipline and field.  The Institutes also are able to provide the historical and comparative expertise to lend the inquiry macro-level depth and breadth.  Finally, the wide variety of research methods employed at the Institutes ensures that we can assess this expansive inquiry from a productive range of perspectives.

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