Legal Scholarship in the Age of Data

Legal Scholarship in the Age of Data: How Can Legal Scholarship Benefit from Data Science?

In the data society, insights from data have become an essential resource. While legal data is increasingly exploited for commercial purposes (eg, eDiscovery, Litigation Analytics), legal scholarship is yet to discover the potential of the computational analysis of textual data. The presentation outlines some of the aims and challenges the emerging discipline of Legal Data Science faces. It will also touch upon the problem of how to establish Legal Data Science as a new subject to be taught at universities.

Tilmann Altwicker holds a SNSF‑Professorship for Public Law, International Law, Legal Philosophy and Empirical Legal Research at the University of Zurich. He recently became the chair of the executive board of the newly founded Center for Legal Data Science (CLDS) at the same university. See his full CV here (in German and English).

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