Open Days


Have you ever wondered whether artificial intelligence is truly a ‘game changer’ from a legal perspective? Do you think it is time to talk about the legal issues raised by the climate crisis? And about why decolonialization and the perspectives of the global south are gaining traction in the legal field?

Our #FUTUREOFLAW BarCamp on 2 November 2023 is dedicated to questions like these.

At the #FUTUREOFLAW BarCamp, students and doctoral candidates in law and adjacent fields will come together for talks with scholars from the Max Planck Law network. Curiosity and resourcefulness will matter more here than subject matter expertise. Your perspectives and your ideas are what counts. For what we want is to get together to rethink the legal issues faced by a rapidly changing world, and develop forward-thinking approaches to solving them.

It will be worth your while to join us in:

  • Talking about the law. Discuss current research with experts from the Max Planck Law network.
  • Gathering a diversity of ideas. Discover new perspectives on global legal issues.
  • Networking. Meet like-minded people.
  • Finding professional opportunities. Learn about avenues through the Max Planck Law network.
  • Building soft skills. Hone your teamwork, conversation and self-presentation skills through participation in group discussions.

If you would like to get together with like-minded people to network and talk shop, please register here

Let’s shape the future of law together at #FUTUREOFLAW BarCamp!

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