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14–15 January 2021

Professor Hélène Ruiz Fabri

What is Procedural Law?

A two-day course that  explores the “power of procedure” in order to attract attention to its often-underestimated importance and political dimensions.

28 January 2021

Professor Anne Peters

Global Animal Law

The plight of animal individuals and species inflicted on them by human activity is a global problem with detrimental repercussions for all humans and for the entire planet. The one-day, interactive course zooms in on cultural pluralism, self-regulation in the food supply chain, and the question of animal rights.

3–5 February 2021

Professor Christoph Engel

Machine Learning

In response to the possibilities for positive law and legal scholarship created by the digitalization of legal text, this condensed course explains the logic of the most characteristic techniques of machine learning data analysis, and shows hands on how they can be implemented.

 The course is offered in conjunction with Professor Engel’s Chair in Experimental Law and Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

23 February 2021

Professor Tatjana Hörnle

Writing a Doctoral Thesis or Other Monographs

( … some reflections on methods and style … )

An afternoon session focused on general points that are important when writing a doctoral thesis or other substantial scholarly work, including a chance for participants to raise questions about their research process.